BooneOakley Made Me Dress Up as a Hot Dog

Before I left

When I Arrived

Starting something new takes guts. Like being told to pose in a hot dog costume.

I survived my first week at BooneOakley! As with anything new, this internship filled me with a sense of excitement and nervous anxiety all wrapped into one exhilarating feeling. All of my life, I have been told that landing an internship at the end of your junior year is essential. So imagine my celebratory dance (I looked like the Salsa dancer emoji x 10) when I received the OK from a pretty kickass agency in Charlotte. The only thing on my mind now is to not mess it up.

Naturally with my Type A Personality, I left an hour before I had to be in the office on the first day, which led to me waiting outside an extra 20 minutes with no other cars in the parking lot. I kept wondering when would people start to arrive until the most beautiful sight emerged – my savior from the heat, Courtney. I walked into BooneOakley with her as if I had been doing that for ages. That is, until I realized I had no idea where to go. I found out that morning that no one really comes in right at 9 a.m. except for two or three other people (however, I would proceed to do so – refer to Type A Personality). An eternity (okay, only fifteen minutes) later, the one to train me in becoming SuperIntern at BooneOakley arrived – just in time too, because I was beginning to run out of family pictures to look at in her office. Lindsey, the office manager, showed me the ins and outs, making me feel extremely comfortable. We went to lunch, shared a few laughs and then I was on my own (she works until 1 p.m. everyday).

I decided to ask if I could get in on a bunch of meetings later that day/week – which, to be honest, took every shy bone in my body! However, the payoff turned out to be priceless. On just my first day, I was able to witness some really fun work from a very talented creative. As the week proceeded, I found that I would need to ask many more times to join in the meetings – but hey, that is what I came there for, to learn. And I am glad I did because I felt like I gained so much from just the first five days of working.


I wanted to recall my internship experience in the summer before my senior year to help guide me through my first blog post. Writing about inner thoughts can be a very vulnerable exercise. However, as I reminisce on my past out-of-the-box experiences, I realize that being vulnerable is a great way to grow.

Advice to myself or anyone starting something new. Don’t be scared to inquire and explore — others but especially yourself. Dream and create things that inspire you. The rest will work itself out.

So. Here goes this blog thingymajig…

Nice to meet you, I’m Ashley.

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