I’m a Georgia Peach!

Hi everyone! I have some big news to share…WE MOVED TO ATLANTA! This decision was discussed every night for more than half the year. We threw around the idea of moving to Dallas, Raleigh, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Chicago, Columbus, and more – the cold cities even lasted for more than a day! A huge thank you to my amazing husband Jared who made the move for me and my career goals. Luckily, Jared was able to stay at his current company since they have a location in downtown. 

We are about a month into living in our new city and HOUSE. Yes, we bought another house. The buying and selling process for us couldn’t have gone smoother (it helped that it is a seller’s market/summer time). 

Thanks for following along! We are excited to share more of Atlanta adventures on @jashstyle with you! 

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