Welcome to the Windy City!

I can’t believe the last time I blogged was back in 2019…when we were freshly new to the Peach State. Well, we’re at it again except this time we chose somewhere a tad cooler…the Windy City! Since moving, it has hit us with gusts of 30 mph winds right in the face (metaphorically and literally)! We have officially been residents of Glenview for 3 months now and have seen more than 12″ of snow (only almost bit the dust 27 times so far), tried so many coffee and bakeries, hosted our families successfully for the holidays, made many improvements to the house already – the list goes on. While it’s been tough for me to adapt to this new lifestyle – my Southern temperature “low” is 30 degrees – we have been optimistic about our future. Here are things that I’ve enjoyed so far:

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