Gwinnett County Government

Listen to Gwinnett Moms

The Problem

In 2020 we heard it all — wash your hands, wear a mask and keep your distance. To reduce rising COVID-19 cases and preserve the wellbeing of its residents, Gwinnett County asked us to launch a COVID-19 safety campaign.

The Insight

Turns out, COVID-19 safety tips aren’t that compelling coming from a local county government, but there is one expert group people wouldn’t dare defy — moms.

:90 – Mother Safety Announcement

The Solution

This campaign uses real-life sassy moms of Gwinnett County to deliver life-saving messages with tough love. #ListenToGwinnettMoms earned 16.2M earned media impressions, 115M paid media impressions, and 373k video views. And, most importantly, it successfully reduced the amount of COVID cases reported.

Featured on
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  /  CBS

:15 – Wear A Mask

:15 – Wash Your Hands

:15 – Keep Your Distance