Invision Diagnostics

Brand Platform

The Purpose

With a mission to educate and encourage women to seek breast cancer prevention, Invision Diagnostics offers accessible and convenient top-of-the-line 3D mammography to women of the Southeast. From bus wraps (still one of my favorite print jobs to date) to websites, videos, print and digital assets, I have dipped my toe in all of it.

Bus Wrap

Who run the world? Girls. Equip with the wise words of Queen B to promote women empowerment, I drew inspiration from tribal drawings coupled with the concept of “Power in Prevention.”

The bus wrap generates over 70,000 impressions daily (based on driving around 500 miles per day) and increases 2 to 3 event inquiries per week. As a result, Invision expanded to another office in Florida, in addition to adding two more buses.

Promotional Pieces

Invision held 2 to 4 events per month in addition to the medical clients it serviced on a bi-monthly basis. My role involved creating all print and digital advertisements and day-of signage.

Flordia Expansion

With the expansion of an Invision Diagnostics Florida branch, I was also tasked to design a new logo and bus similar to the North Carolina company but with Florida Mobile Mammography‘s style and colors. 

Invision Diagnostics

CEO & Founder: Mike Dyer
Marketing Manager & Designer: Ashley Weber