Escape Lucy's Room

The Problem

Between 50-100 million people are diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) every year. Despite receiving a terminal diagnosis, 26% of patients prescribed Opsumit never start their treatment. Many factors, including poor patient experience, drive this decision.

The Insight

Although the Janssen PAH stakeholders know the ins and outs of PAH, they don’t know how it feels to be recently diagnosed.

The Solution

To convince the stakeholders that less is more, we created an interactive experience that would put them in a patient’s shoes for a day. Introducing: Escape Lucy’s Room.

Stakeholders will have a few moments to take in the framed family photos, hand drawn “Get Well” cards from grandkids, an open laptop on a Facebook page with “Happy Birthday!” posts, plus stacks of mail and medical bills with Opsumit collateral mixed in.

Next, to dramatize the overwhelming aspect of dealing with a barrage of communications, stakeholders will be challenged to work together to sift and sort through a variety of digital and physical CRM touch points as they race to complete 7 tasks in 7 minutes.

How It Works

Groups work together to “Escape” from a living room. To maximize group participation, tasks can be completed in any order as well as simultaneously.

Task One: Mailbox Search
Search through an overstuffed inbox for 5 pieces of mail containing Care4Today messaging.

Task Two: Screen Calls
Monitor the ringing landline to screen scores of incoming calls and obtain one vital piece of information.

Task Three: Stack & Sort
Sort and collate a stack of unorganized insurance papers, medical forms and miscellaneous notes into three categories.

Task Four: Lost Insurance Card
Locate a laminated Member ID that’s been lost somewhere in the room.

Task Five: Email Hunt
Scour a laptop inbox with 100 messages for subject heading of “Self-Commitment Call.”

Task Six: SMS Text Search
Use the iPad Messenger Inbox to sift through, identify and forward 6 branded texts send from Opsumit.

Task Seven: Prescription Search
Sort through Rx Prescriptions for the most up-to-date script with the appropriate MG dose to then fill weekly pill box with the correct medicine.

FCB Chicago

CD: Kristin Zuccarini
ACDs: Byrant Prince and Francisco Aguera
Writers: Hog Butcher Chicago and Peter Dusenberry
Art Directors: Ashley Weber and Lee Harris