OnSite Clinical Solutions, LLC is a research coordinating company that helps revolutionize new medication and medical advancements. As the company’s graphic designer, I am in charge of making recruitment material for a variety of studies such as: rosacea, the flu, C.Diff, RSV,  diabetes, epilepsy and more. See a few pieces of my work below.

Purpose of Clinical Trial: To reduce the number of reoccurrence with a pill form of an antibiotic that fights C.Difficile Colitis, a bacteria that causes inflammation in the colon causing diarrhea, belly pain and a fever.

Solution: One mention of diarrhea and people start walking the other way…no one wants to admit that they are spending the majority of their day on a toilet. With their bountiful time in the loo in mind, I concepted an interactive ad for the bathroom stall, a (hopefully) singular activity. A Crappy Crossword Puzzle aims to inform, educate and beyond all else, make it stink a little less.