US Brand Platform

The Problem

Develop a brand platform centered around our functional promise of “comfortably fresh protection”, that repositions Poise from a symbol of aging and decline to a solution for women in their prime. 

The Insight

Ladies are settling for a less than fresh experience because they have accepted an outdated outlook on who a woman who leaks is.

There is zero interest in Poise and little understanding for why she needs it. Younger women do not identify with incontinence or with the Poise brand, so she sticks to what she knows (her period pad) and thinks it solves her issue well enough (too bad it doesn’t work for pee).

The Solution

Every woman who puts on Poise experiences a unique sense of freshness—freeing her to show up, show out and live without compromise no matter what leaks come her way.

The client bought off on the “Feel Your Fresh” platform idea but wanted to see it in multiple executions. So, we provided various ways it could come to life. You will see a variety of print designs and scripts that I worked on. 


Organic Social

Every quarter, we are tasked to create 15-20 social posts. Here are a few of my favorites.

FCB Global

GCD: Merrin McCormick
Copywriter: Danny Carlon
Art Director: Ashley Weber