Toyota x Takata Airbag Recall

Last Mile

The Problem

Toyota asked us to reach its outlier audience of owners that have disregarded traditional recall messaging and emphasize the danger of an airbag explosion. 

The Insight

People may not care about their own face being deformed, but how about their sweet grandma? Budding teenager? Favorite coworker? Forget going for the jugular — we went for their hearts.

The Solution

We compared a faulty airbag directly to a ticking time bomb, but instead, this timer counts up. Using an odometer, we reminded owners that every mile they drive with a defective airbag might be their passenger’s last.


Despite copious rounds of approval (and sending up prayers to the advertising powers that be), clients still change their mind.

We received feedback that the teenager looked like she was 40+ years old, so we gave her a youthful retouch…yes, bedazzled jeans were suggested and promptly rejected.

Jackson Spalding

ECD: Mike Martin
Art Director: Ashley Weber
Motion Graphics: Robert Bumgarner