Toyota x Takata Airbag Recall

Stop Playing Games

The Problem

Toyota asked us to reach its outlier audience of owners that have disregarded traditional recall messaging and emphasize the danger of an airbag explosion.

:30 – Happily Never After

The Insight

People may not care about their own face being deformed, but how about their glowing bride or growing family? Forget going for the jugular — we went for their hearts.

The Solution

Make a video game to draw a visual comparison between neglectful behavior and playing games with your loved ones’ lives. In other words, we showed reality morphing into a 8-bit game.

I found and partnered with a Germany-based pixel artist to create the look and feel of our live-action game in addition to motion graphics.

:30 – Out for the Season

Interactive Email

To increase engagement and create content that enhanced the concept, we presented an interactive email that simulated player and map selection. To see what would happen if you played with your loved ones’ lives, download this folder and then preview it or open in a browser.