UNC School of Media & Journalism x FashionMash

Welcome to 20XX

The Problem

Promote UNC School of Media and Journalism’s Workroom initiative to generate additional program funding. 

The Workroom initiative is a classroom-based creative incubator where undergraduate students prototype and launch retail products, branded experiences, and lifestyle businesses. The initiative has brought global brands — such as American Eagle Outfitters and Burt’s Bees — into the classroom to provide students with hands-on experiences.

The Insight

Similar to technology, the way we consume fashion and retail is ever-evolving. Some brands have already been exploring the capabilities of VR and projections to make the shopping experience seamless.

The Solution

Welcome to the year 20XX. We hosted an immersive alumni event called “20XX: Envisioning the Future of Fashion and Lifestyle Brands” with a series of prototypes that allowed attendees to change clothing, shoes, and accessories on a person instantaneously, giving them a glimpse into the future of fashion and retail. As a result, the MJ school received a $1 million gift to grow the experiential design program.

ECD: Dana McMahan
Copywriter: Charise Roberts
Art Director: Ashley Weber