Gwinnett County Government

Listen to Gwinnett Moms

The Problem

As activities returned to normal, Gwinnett County Government engaged us for an additional COVID campaign with a focus on vaccination rollout.

The Insight

Turns out, encouraging the public to get a vaccine isn’t that compelling coming from a local county government, but there is one expert group people wouldn’t dare defy — moms.

:30 – Who Are You Getting It For?

The Solution

As with our first Listen To Gwinnett Moms campaign, we leveraged mom’s calming but sassy voice because, frankly, mama’s sick of this.

Featured on
Marketplace   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  /  WABE

:30 – Safe & Effective

In the Community

We invited real Gwinnett Mom volunteers for a roundtable discussion to speak directly to vaccine-hesitant viewers, sharing their reasons for hoping everyone who can get the vaccine will get vaccinated.